• Digital Control

  • High Power

  • High Temperature

  • Motor Control

  • Ultra Low Power

Digital Control

 Prototyping Platform for Matlab/Simulink - From model to Embedded application in one click

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High Power

Power : Up to 100 kW - Voltage : Up to 40 kV - Current : Up to 2200 A    

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High Temperature

97% efficiency up to 250°C  -  Expert in Si/SiC/SoI designs                        

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Motor Control

  Up to 100 kW / 600 V / 2200 A / 180°C - Custom product for Oil & Gas - Automotive & Aerospace industries Field Oriented Control & Sensorless        

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Ultra Low Power

200°C Board environment recorder - 5 mW typical

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News & Publication

2015 Matlab Expo


Watt Consulting will participate (table 10) to the upcoming 2015 MATLAB EXPO held in Munich, Germany on May 12th. It is an annual meeting that gathers the cutting-edge knowledge about products using the capabilities Matlab Simulink® software.

ISO9001 Certified


Since October 13th 2014, Watt Consulting is ISO9001 certified. This certification is on pair with our will to constantly improve our quality management system. It consists of:
• Customers’ satisfaction as top priority
• An effective project management
• The compliance with international standards of our products at each step of its implementation
• Advanced technological skills of our team thanks to the capitalization of our know-how

HiTEN 2015 Event


IMAPS will host the upcoming High Temperature Electronics Network (HiTEN) held at the Churchill College in Cambridge, United Kingdom on July 6-8, 2015.  Watt Consulting participates to the event as an exhibitor to display its latest innovation. Save the date!


Japan Business Trip


Watt Consulting is running a business trip in Japan from the 12th to 23rd, the occasion to meet up in order to discuss our latest advances in our field of expertise, power electronics!

Case Studies

Fuel Cell Range Extender


Hybrid power system - Fuel Cell & battery.
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Converter 6kW


On-board 6kW Converter for electric vehicle.
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High Temp DC/DC Converter 200W


DC/DC power supply for downhole applications (150°C -  200W).
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High Temp DC/DC Converter 200°C


High Temperature DC/DC power supply for downhole applications (200°C).
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Electric Bike Motor Control


Development and implementation of Field Oriented Control for an electric bike (250 W)
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